The Thrilling Sex Stories of Our Bedroom

Sex Stories

Remarkably, the flames of passion and romance have only seemed to intensify six years since I married the man I love. Robert and I have had blissful moments in the bedroom despite my earlier fears that the sexual magnet would lose its potency after the birth of Tracy our adorable daughter. I have done all in my power to retain the sexy look that first ignited the inexhaustible sexual appetite on the part of my attractive husband. At the end of it all, our love life shall fall among the most thrilling sex stories that sustain the rhythm of love and sex among couples who understand romance within every dimension of passion. Let me plunge a little deeper into the details.

Normally, I leave the law firm shortly after 9.30 o’clock because of the high volume of work. Every time I show up at the doorstep my husband rushes in to relieve me of my handbag since he gets home an hour earlier from the real estate company where he works. Routinely he guides me slowly into the bedroom and begins to undress me bit by bit. I like the ways he fastens his look on my breasts as he unfastens the buttons without any noticeable haste.

He always appreciates the firmness of my breasts, which turn him on every time he fondles one after the other. Once my blouse is on the floor, Robert pushes me gently to the bed and gently removes my belt with one hand as the other feels the inner softness of my thighs.

He loves it when I close my eyes and let him slide off my skirt leaving me with the lingerie for some while. He then moves back and looks at my nude body with noticeable desire. As he returns on my body, I notice a gradual bulging of his member and a slight tremor of his thighs. When my turn comes, I gently remove his shirt to reveal his hairy chest before I lay back again to wait for the supreme moment. The next few minutes that follow are full of intense ecstasy as Robert holds my nipple with one hand while his tongue works on the other. This part of the game constitutes the most remarkable part among all our sex stories since the day we first made love.

The passionate kissing and fondling usually drain all my energy, which leaves me yearning for a firm but gentle thrust of his member into my wet pussy. As usual, Robert often uses his member to brush gently on my clitoris as a deliberate move to push my horny state to irreversible levels. At such moments I always take the initiative to lift upwards and let him thrust deep into my thing. I love the way he begins slowly and in a circular motion before he gradually steps up his pace for nearly 15 minutes before I can feel him flowing deep inside me. The second round is usually moderate, long, and truly fulfilling. We could go on for hours while changing positions without any of us showing signs of fatigue. Indeed, marriage life is a priceless gem of passion. You can read my other sex stories at

My Naughty Adventures and Ebony Girl Hardcore Sex

Ebony Girl Hardcore

Waking when the moon rose, as she does every night, they began the routine. The routine of changing. The drastic change that would take her from daytime college student to the brown sugar coffee cake they all wanted to taste and touch. The ebony girl hardcore sex that would assist her to complete her goals.

Choosing the transparent beige bustier that would draw the dollars, the fives, and the twenties, she fluffed her magnificent Afro and applied the blood red color to her lips. With an erotic scent that was a mixture of her skin and musk, she began the short walk to meet the one who would not who would notice none of this. He would notice the deep brown nipples that stood attentively to the attention of his thumbs and tongue. He would notice the bright lips that set off the milk chocolate hue of her skin, and he would find his way, sometimes fumbling, sometimes with grace, toward the warm spot he had dreamed of while waiting for the physical delights and satisfaction she would provide.

When she arrived, exhibiting the passion at the sight of him which he was accustomed to seeing when she arrived, he dropped immediately to his knees, burying his face in the desert of her delights. He inhaled deeply, and then deeper still, as she closed her eyes, moaning deeply. He quickly rids her of the flimsy cloth between his face and her soul, and burying his desire in her from his very knees, she cried aloud, begging with great passion to feel the pleasure and pain of the exquisite thrusting she knew was to come.

Progress peaked as sweat poured and the smell of their ebony girl hardcore sex filled the room with such power that the aroma itself was enough to bring both of the closely to the peak of the sex they pursued so violently. Both knew clearly that as the time neared, it could not be stopped. He flipped her over will gentle violence, and from behind, took her as she deserved to be taken. Harsh, gentle, and demanding strokes brought her to the torment of sweet surrender.

As the time passed, he found themselves where he knew they wanted to be, him consuming her, devouring her. Her mind, her body, her very self. His hands caressed her and he breathed in her aroma as he continued to strive with all of his physical strength to reach the peak of her mountain. The mountain she had been willing giving him with cooperative thrusts of her hips and cries from her mouth, exuding pleasure and pain simultaneously, and due to the skill of her mind and body, his powerful climax sent him far above her mountain peak, crying out for rescue, and begging for her to take him there again and again, tomorrow, the day after, and each following day forevermore, pouring into her his essence of obsession for the black girl hardcore adventure he has determined to live by, graced with her indulging, breathtaking presence. Watch these ebony girls at